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Operation Theatre.

          This operation Theatre is attached to Vijayalaxmi Nurshing home.It is a Mini Operation Theatre,useful for small operations  and all perinial & below umblical Surgery.The operations ,usually we do are :--

                                                                                General Operations

1).all types of Hydrocoel Operations, 2). all types of hernia Operations. 3).Haemorrhoid Operation (Anal PilesOperation), 4) Anal Fistula's Operations, 5) Appendicectomy Operation, 6)Simple GJ Operation, 7).Tonsillectomy Operation, and all Minor Surgery. 

 Gyaec & Obst

1) D & C ,2) MTP, 3)  Hysterctomy ,4) Mastetectomy ( Brest Operation), 5) Caeserian Operation, 6)NormalDelivery