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Vijayalaxmi laborytary

Good morning to every body


This is a clinical Laborytary attached to Vijayalaxmi Hospital. Nakka street ,Srikakulam.We perform all Blood tests, Biochemical,Pathological,and Cultural tests. Urine Analysis.Complete Haemogram. Stool examination.,etc


    1) Prasada Rao , MV__ M/46 yrs : Lab' Technician.            2)Sankarao,N.__M/44 yrs : Asst Lab Technician.          3) Syamalabai, K._ F/50 yrs  :  X-ray Technician.  4 ) P. Bandari._F/34yrs  : cleaner.


This site is Collected & prepared by-- Dr.Seshagirirao,vandana.MBBS.

Nakka Street :: CB road :: Srikakulam - AP (India)

                                                                                             (Last updated on 15 July 2005) 

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